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Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Online Free

Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Online Free

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


The Guardians must fight to keep their newfound family together as they unravel the mysteries of Peter Quill's true parentage.

Download Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Online Free


Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Online Free


Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Online Free


Watch Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Online Free



Websites To Watch TV Series Online Free (2017)

Here is a list of great websites to watch your favorite tv shows online. You can stream or download any tv shows free. You can select and browse through any tv show and watch full episodes without sign up.

List :

1. Watch Series Online - 123movies

2. Watch Tv Shows Free - Vodlocker

3. Watch TV Series Free - Sockshare

4. Watch TV Shows - Fmovies

5. Watch TV Shows Free - Openload



123movies is now GoMovies.CX

123movies has been changed to Gomovies now. Please change your bookmarks and update the new domain : GoMovies.CX. As per the article on Adcoock 123movie owners had disposed of 123movies domain have rbranded their website to gomovies to avoid problems they faced with the domain 123movies.

Here is the screen shot of the new website :



Openload Movies - Watch Movies at

For those of you who frequent free file sharing websites, or sites that offer free videos or files of any type, you will know that there are some big names which lead when it comes to freebies. Now this big files sharing website has started a streaming service. You can stream and watch any movie or tv show now without any problem. One of these big names is without a doubt Openload. In essence, Openload is a free file sharing website, which aims to offer a haven of free file uploading for everyone. So, if you have stuff to share on a widespread platform but you don’t know how or where to do so, this website is precisely the place to come to.

Like sites such as 4Shared, Openload offers you the opportunity to upload many different types of files. People from all over the world are on Openload and could thus download your files, which is great if you are trying to promote yourself creatively. For example, many people use Openload to present their music or their creative projects. With every downloaded file of yours, you can earn yourself some cash. Alternatively, you can choose to store your stuff on here for free. Basically, if you own large files that your computer can’t handle, you can place these files safely on Openload as storage. Ultimately, thousands of people are giving away their files for free on a regular basis through Openload, making it an online network of storage and sharing. Watch TV Shows.

Openload Movies – Free Movies Online

The following is a complete review of the Openload website ( I have highlighted every area of the site, pin-pointing all of the good things and the bad (if any) which should ultimately answer and burning questions you have regarding the site. That being said, let’s get started with the review.


Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

The short and simple answer to this question is, not necessarily. Without an account, you can upload a file from your computer onto the website for free, and let it wander online free for the choosing. On the other hand, with an account, you will be given a user panel in which you can manage all your uploads. To create an account, click sign up and enter your email address and choose a password. Registration will only take a few seconds and it’s completely free.

Can I Download Files?

Unfortunately, Openload is purely for uploading and sharing files. There are no options to download files from this site. If you really want to know how to download files from this site, you can find some tutorials online. However, such activity can be illegal, and therefore we do not advise it and it is entirely at your own discretion. If you would like to use a site which allows you to both upload and download files, we highly recommend using 4Shared ( This website offers you the choice to upload your files for sharing, and the downloading of other people’s files, all for free. Nevertheless, as for Openload, this website is designed solely for uploading files.

How Do I Upload Files?

To upload your files onto the website, you can do this within a few seconds. On the homepage, you will see an area which states “browse or drag and drop files”. Here, you have two options. If you would like to upload a file from your computer or device, click on this area and then select the file. On the other hand, you can drag and drop a file from your desktop or from another online platform. Either way, uploading the file will depend on the file size, and depending on whether or not you have an account, you can then manage your uploaded file. If you don’t have an account/you haven’t signed up, you will be given an Openload link which you can then share on a website. This is useful if you want a quick link for someone to view and download your file, like a song/mp3 file.


What Are the Best Features Regarding This Site?

The best thing about this website is the overall air of simplicity. There isn’t much to say about this website due to the fact that it is so very basic. But, if this weren’t the case and the website were complicated, uploading files would become a struggle. Thankfully, uploading via Openload is a pain-free process, taking only a matter of mere seconds.

In addition, Openload offers some other useful services. With this site, you can also conduct a speed test. This will determine how fast your internet speed is, thus stating how fast you can upload or download files. To find the speed test, scroll to the bottom of the homepage. Here, you will find ‘speedtest’ beneath the ‘services’ section. Furthermore, you will also find ‘API’ in the services section.

Are There Any Negative Things About the Site?

Many people may be disappointed when visiting this site, due to the expectancy of free file downloads. As stated, this website is purely for uploading files. Nevertheless, if you can see beyond this and if you are here for uploading only, you should not have any problems with the website. The overall simplicity of the site is a great attribute, and ultimately, I found no flaws with the website. So, if you are seeking a reliable website solely for uploading some files, you can’t go far wrong with Openload.


Closing Remarks

This concludes the review of the Openload website. If you enjoyed this review and you want to know more about similar websites, free downloads and more, please feel free to browse our other posts here on techwhack. We have several posts on file sharing sites and download sites. Furthermore, we also have more reviews on individual websites similar to Openload, such as 4Shared.

FMovies - Watch Free Movies Online |

If you are tired of paying for movies and standing in ques or tired of getting your desired seat in movie theaters, today is your day to set yourself free. There are many sites you can turn to in order to watch free movies. Of course, not all of them are created equal. If you’re looking for a safe site, then we highly recommend FMovies.

Accessibility. You can watch anything you want 24/7, as long as you have an Internet connection. Plus, you can even multitask while watching. How? You can put it on pause and answer the phone if you need to. Even in the middle of the show, you can just stop and continue anytime you want. If there is a scene that you want to see again, simply rewind and you can watch it again. Depending on your player, you may even have an option to set it in slow-motion mode. This is especially advantageous when you are watching your favorite movie. Watch Series.

Fmovies: Watch Free Movies Online



We feel the need to mention that FMovies is free. Through FMovies, never again will you be required to pay for another movie! You can find all of the latest and greatest movies, as well as series by looking through FMovies.

Easy to Find

FMovies is the type of site that is easy to browse through. If you have a particular movie or series you’re searching for, all you have to do is type it into the search bar. Yes, it really is as easy as that.

Watch the Old

Watching old, or missed episodes of your favorite TV shows. With this site, you can retrieve TV episodes that you want or need to see, at any time you’d like. Unlike decades ago where you would just have to let your family members tell you about the episode just because you missed it.

The Possible Savings

The biggest advantage is the possible savings. If you start using this method, you can afford to have your cable service stopped. Imagine saving $80 or more (depending on your cable package) monthly just by eliminating cable. You’ll enjoy the same benefits without hurting your pocket. If there is a need to maintain cable because of a specific show or for a special reason, you can still lower the expenses by just sticking to the basic cable services.

By operating as a link service, rather than hosting the content, xmovies8, allows users to locate and view compelling video in a completely legal and enjoyable manner.  While this may seem like an unethical loophole in the system, by only linking to reputable servers the user can legitimately view content without the worry of unlawful conduct.

What is Needed?

Internet access -for speed and performance especially when streaming video, the recommended broadband speed is at least 10Mbps.

Wireless or Ethernet connection -You can choose between the two. Study the pros and cons of wireless connection and Ethernet and see which connection type is more favorable for you.

 Here are step-by-step instructions on connecting your TV to a wireless Internet connection:

1.Through the panel of the Web-based administration, enable the wireless network. You can skip this step if the connection is already up and working.

2.Be ready with the security password for the wireless network. If you have not set a custom password, there is a default security key password affixed on the side of the router.

3.Switch on the TV. With the use of the remote control, access the setting and the onscreen menus. Depending on the brand and model, you could connect through the Settings or Network Settings menu.

4.Click the Wi-Fi or Wireless button. Choose your wireless network from the list that that you see on the screen. Provide the password. You only have to do this once, as the TV set will automatically remember the network and the password.  That’s it! You can now access the Internet on the TV.

In this day and age, we are starting to see more and more advancements in the use of technology. Sites such as FMovies where you can get movies, free of charge, weren’t even imagined thirty or so years ago!

123movies - Watch Movies Online -

Since the early twentieth-century motion pictures have brought us an immeasurable amount of enjoyment.  With the dawn of social networking and the expansive reach of the internet, it is now possible for us to have all of that history and innovation at our fingertips.  As with most services, this normally comes at a cost.  With the predominance of paid subscriptions, such as Netflix and Amazon, being the general norm many people have accepted this cost as an acceptable one.  There are however alternatives, is a free service that offers up the latest in TV and Movies, along with an extensive library of older films and series. Watch Series.

By simply logging on to their complete library is available, at no charge.  With well over ten thousand titles to choose from it is easy to find an exciting solution for your viewing pleasure.  Old time classics are intermingled with the latest releases, and little known independent films are joined by the biggest blockbusters.  Populated with a wide variety of television series, from the latest Walking Dead episodes to eternal masterpieces like The Twilight Zone, the massive assortment of entertainment is truly impressive.  Interspersed with the largest box office draws and most popular series are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.


123movies – Watch Free Movies Online

Every fan of movies needs a go-to website for their fix of great movies. Today, there are thousands of potential websites which could become your prized website. On the other hand, there are also thousands of free movie sites which are unreliable, virus-filled and just not up to standard. Today, in this post I have laid out for you the great website that is 123Movies. This website is currently one of the best (if not the best) websites for free online movies. With new movies added to the site on a daily basis, this site has much to offer. It is also one of the most user-friendly websites you will find on the net.

Without much further talk, here’s the important, in-depth analysis of 123Movies. I have included all aspects of the website, including both the positives and the negatives.


Welcome To A World Of Free Cinema: Is 123Movies Really That Good?

No complications or sign-ups, hidden fees or scams, there are many great things to say about the website. Here are a few of the big things worth mentioning.

  • Usability

First of all, 123Movies poses no problems in the way of usability. I firmly believe that anyone can get the hang of using this website within seconds. The homepage is laid out nice and clearly, with subheadings to allow smooth and specific navigation. You can choose to browse the many genres – action, sport, romance, history, to name a few – or browse by country and IMDb ratings. Furthermore, if you want to view all that this great site has to offer, dip into the A-Z List.

In the expansive A-Z list, the movies are laid out quite clearly. There are thumbnails/icons, year, quality status (often HD), country, genre, and the official ratings from the IMDb website. Besides this great amount of valuable information, there are also great amounts of free movies. To be more specific, there are 26 different sections here (being an A-Z list) with many separate pages for each letter. In other words, there are thousands of movies on the 123Movies website for you to browse through.


On the homepage, you can browse the featured movies section which is regularly updated. Here you will find many new, Hollywood blockbuster releases. In addition, there is the ‘latest movies’ section, the ‘requested movies’ section, and finally the ‘latest TV-series’ section, which leads me onto my next point of mention …

  • Not Just Movies! (despite what the title suggests)

It’s quite straight-forward, 123Movies also offers a plethora of free TV-series. To find the TV goodies, you can use the simple way – the website searchbar – or browse the latest TV-series section on the homepage, or click the TV-series heading. Just to count and let you know, there are 114 pages of TV series on offer. There are 40 TV shows per page. That makes a grand total of around 4,560 separate TV shows for you to choose from. That number is more TV than any one person can watch. Furthermore, each TV show has an icon which tells you of how many episodes are currently available. You will also be able to find many of the best and most recent TV series with 123Movies. Ultimately, this website offers you the best of both visual worlds – both great cinema and amazing TV.

  • Are There Any Limits On How Much I Can Watch?

Quite simply, no, there are no limits as to how many movies you can consume with 123Movies. There are no sign-ups or secret fees for your movies here. Simply choose your movie, sit back and relax. Ultimately, if you want to watch dozens of movies or TV series on a regular basis, there’s nobody here to stop you from doing so.

  • Are There Any Special/Additional Features Worth Knowing About?

One of my favourite features about this website is the ‘begin from where you left off’ feature. What this feature does is it allows you to recommence from exactly where you stopped watching. Say, for example, you started to watch a movie, but you fall asleep within 15 minutes and go to sleep. The next day, you want to finish that movie, but you want to begin from where you quit. Fortunately, 123Movies will keep track of the precise moment you quit, saving you time and effort.

In addition, 123Movies makes it quite clear as to what quality a video is. Each and every icon will have either a HD, CAM or SD icon attached to it. We all know what HD means, but CAM means the video has been recorded by camcorder, and SD means it’s a Standard Definition video. Standard Definition, it goes without saying, is not quite as good as HD. Overall, most of the videos on this website, TV series or movie, are available in HD.

Another interesting characteristic on the 123Movies website is the latest news feature box. Here, you can find a lot of interesting and valuable news on all the happenings in cinema and TV. This feature box is easily found on the homepage. You can also requested movies on the ‘request’ page, and these movies can be seen on the requested section on the homepage. Lastly, if you want to explore free music, 123Movies offers a link to their musically-equivalent website on the homepage headings.

History and The Struggle 123movies Faced to Reach This Level

With many of the offerings in HD viewing the latest releases is vivid and captivating.  Adjustable picture quality also allows for continuous streaming without annoying lags and buffering.  For the most recent offered on CAM, there is no need to wait for the open distribution of the hottest releases.

Keeping up with the latest amusements is only a click away with 123movies4u news feed.  With the most current topics explored, and hottest issues reported, it is informative and enjoyable to stay up to date on the current news in the entertainment world.  From what to look for in the upcoming future to the latest reviews this is a simple and effective tool in understanding the prevailing trends.

All of this is, of course, available through different services.  The multitude of paid subscriptions offer many of these same services and are widely available.  These sites, however, come with considerable cost.  Whether purchasing on a pay per view basis or a recurring payment the price can quickly add up.

A common issue with many of these free websites is the risk and inherent danger of malignant programming.  With this is not a problem, as a hosting service the feeds are streamed through private servers, largely eliminating the risk of malware affecting your system.

Made possible by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the DMCA amended Title 17 of the United States Code to extend the reach of copyright, while limiting the liability of the providers of online services for copyright infringement by their users.  The service is completely legal for viewing and downloading content.  123movies4u diligently upholds copyright laws and actively protects copyright owners.

There is only one minor caveat.  The site must obviously have a revenue source, as there is no charge for viewing, the service utilises paid advertising to subsidise the cost.  Understandably necessary,  the promotions are timely and relevant, and unlike many of these free services are not overly domineering.  Useful ads and promotions are quick and unobtrusive, with many being incredibly beneficial.

New Movies


Moonlight may actually become the official best movie of 2016 due to its grand total of 8 Oscar nominations at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, including the nomination for the best motion picture. The movie focuses on the life of a young African-American boy growing up in a slum neighbourhood in Miami, Florida. The movie stars Trevante Rhodes, Ashton Sanders (both playing the teenage and adult protagonist respectively) and Naoimie Harris. Moonlight currently holds an almost-perfect score of 99% on movie website Rotten Tomatoes.

Available in HD quality on 123movies


Originally a hit play by writer August Wilson, Fences has now come to the big screen thanks to Hollywood star Denzel Washington. The film centres upon a black family in a small suburb in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the internal struggles within the family. Troy, played by Washington, battles the demons of his past, namely that of his failed baseball career, which, much to Troy’s anger, is a path his son also wants to pursue. Oscar nominated Viola Davis acts alongside Denzel Washington as the mother of the family. Fences is currently nominated for four Academy Awards, including best picture, best actor, best actress, and best screenplay.


Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner star in this Sci-Fi epic depicting the intense moments following an intergalactic arrival on earth. Amy Adams plays a linguistics professor who must communicate with the landed aliens, and thus secure a safe relationship with the extraterrestrial beings and ultimately save the world. Arrival has been nominated for several academy awards, proving that this is certainly not just another goofy alien movie.

Available in HD quality on 123movies

The Founder

We all know the fast food chain corporation, McDonalds, but not all of us know much about the man behind its creation. The Founder depicts the tenacious efforts of Ray Kroc (played by Michael Keaton), a business man, who stumbles upon a great fast food diner, McDonalds. Throughout the film, we follow Kroc as he transforms this small 50s American diner into the giant food factory it resembles today.

Available in Standard quality on 123movies


Nominated for the best motion picture award at this year’s Oscars ceremony, Lion is a heartwarming epic about a young man in search of his past. Dev Patel plays Saroo, a native Indian man, adopted by Australian parents at a young age, who goes in search of his real family in India. Nicole Kidman also stars as Saroo’s adoptive mother, and Rooney Mara as Saroo’s girlfriend.

Underworld : Blood Wars

Kate Beckinsale returns for another instalment in the Underworld movie franchise. This time, Selene must take whatever violent means necessary to fend off the onslaught of the Lycan gang and Marius, the leader of the bloodthirsty Lycans. The movie also stars Charles Dance as Thomas, Theo James as David, and Tobias Menzies as the film’s main antagonist Marius.

123movies: Available in HD

Manchester By The Sea

This movie is gritty and realistic view on life in the small town of Massachusetts, USA. Starring Casey Affleck (the younger sibling of actor Ben Affleck), this movie explores the relationship between a young boy, Patrick, whose father has just passed away, and the young man, Lee, played by Casey Affleck, who now becomes the boy’s legal guardian. This film ultimately plays hardship in a small, dead end town by the sea. Also starring Michelle Williams, and currently nominated for several Oscars, including best picture.

123movies: HD quality available