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Putlocker, The One Place to Stream and Watch Movies Online -

Putlocker is the most visited and trusted website when it comes to free online movies and Tv shows. Thousands of people use the putlocker website on a daily basis to stream movies and tv shows. Thousands of new movies and TV series are also added and updated daily. If you are unfamiliar with Putlocker, you should know that this website started as a file hosting website and then someone created a movie and tv streaming website which took this websites to new hieghts of popularity. Here is how this website works and what it is all about.

Pulocker is, at its most basic level, a search engine. It’s very easy to use. Putlocker aggregates links from lots of vidoe hosts and makes them available for anyone to search and stream. This gives you option to select any movie or tv show and adds choices from different video hosts. The advantages of this is that you how many versions of movie or TV show, and if one isn’t better quality you can skip to a better one, you can switch server within seconds for a better version. You can watch series as well.


Ultimately, everyone should use, and everyone has much to gain by doing so. The following is a break-down of the website and all its features for you to get to know the site a little better.


Putlocker- Free Movies Online


First thing I should mention, is that there are many imitators of the Putlocker website. Try to avoid any Putlocker site which does not end in the domain name of ‘org’ (


  • Literally Millions of Movies and TV Shows

It’s no exaggeration, but Putlocker genuinely holds one of the largest (and perhaps the largest) databases of free movies and TV. Personally, when I search for a movie or a TV show, is my go-to website. Furthermore, I will often claim that ‘if Putlocker doesn’t have it, I doubt any other website has it’. People who already use this site most likely will tell you just the same. Personally, there haven’t been many times when I didn’t find what I’m searching for with

In short, Putlocker has loads on offer. There are many new additions on a regular basis, meaning you have a good chance of finding recent Hollywood blockbusters and current TV greats. On the other hand, you can also find old obscure classics, foreign movies, documentaries, and more. There is little that can’t serve up. There are millions of video files, and a lot of them have several different servers to select from. Of course, the more popular the movie or TV show, the more servers there will usually be. By sourcing multiple different servers from across the net, Putlocker basically offers you several movie websites in one place. This will undoubtedly save you searching time, and will allow you to find the perfect, high definition, official version.

  • How Does It Work?

It’s very easy to use the Putlocker website and should only take a few minutes for you to get the hang of it. Simplicity is essential with a site like this, and is one of the most simplistic websites out there. Like any other search engine, all you have to do is conduct a search and then sift through the results. You will find the search bar on the homepage. Furthermore, offers an extensive search. You can narrow your search by selecting genre, year, and more. Following your search, simply click the result which suits you. You will be then given the choice of servers. As mentioned, the more popular the movie or TV show, the more servers you may get. Often, I have decided to use the fixed server given by the website itself. After this, all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch. It’s that easy, and should only take a few minutes for you to conduct your search and to get watching.


  • Are There Any Downsides Regarding the Site?

Putlocker doesn’t have many shortcomings, but it would be untrue to say the website is completely perfect. As I have already mentioned, there as some ads and also some pop-ups. However, these can be combated and dodged within a few seconds. Putlocker does its best to prevent false and less-than-standard movies making their way onto their website. Nonetheless, you may sometimes find a low-standard movie, or, although rarely, a movie which is simply not what it claims to be. More often than not, you will find just what you’re looking for. Around 9 times out of 10, I have found my desired movie or TV show. Furthermore, that 1 time out of the 10, I couldn’t find the movie or TV show anywhere else on the net.

Ultimately, Putlocker is not the most modern and most attractive of sites. It does harbour some vicious ads and pop-ups which should be avoided (and are easily avoided). There may be some sloppy versions of movies from time to time. On the other hand, the majority of the time you will find a quality movie, with high definition, subtitles, and more, within just a few seconds of easy searching.

  • Overall Appearance of the Site

I have to admit, the display of Putlocker is not the greatest. Nonetheless, the visual appearance of the website does not detract from the fact that there are heaps of amazing movies and TV series on offer. There are some ads, but that’s not uncommon. You won’t find any superfluous processes which will eat up your time. Importantly, there are no hidden sign-ups or fees to pay. As for the ads, which are a minor con, most major websites feature ads because they are essential when running a website. Putlocker doesn’t have to be a visually attractive website, because, all in all, besides a few sloppy displays and some ads, you are left with the important stuff, which is a cornucopia of amazing free movies, TV shows and more.


Putlocker Movies

A Monster Calls

This fantastical drama is one for all the family. A Monster Calls is a touching picture of a young boy’s turbulent life and how he copes with his troubles. The young boy, Conor, played by Lewis MacDoughall, has a confidant who comes in the form of a talking tree (voice-played by Liam Neeson). This talking tree appears each night to tell him three stories, which helps attenuate the boy’s pain felt for his cancer-striken mother, the school bullies and his tyrannical grandmother. A Monster Calls also stars Felicity Jones and Sigourney Weaver, and has a great rating of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This is a type of old classic and royal type of movie. I love watching these types of movies as they remind me of old times, history and other things as well. Their dressing sense and other is quite different in this movie. This movie is horrifying mysterical with good use of theme and background. It starts as a fairy tail when a grandpa find this school and suddenly he make a horrifying design to save his loved ones. The story is unique and interesting with an IMDB rating of 7.3 and duration of 127 min. The Genre is fantasy and adventure, also it was released in 2016. This movie available in HD on

La La Land

This is another great movie released in November. The genere is romance. The movie has good story starring Emma stone and Ryan Gosling. Both are playing struggling characters as their roles in the movie. Emma is an actor, while gosling is a pianist. They meet and fall in love with each other. With an IMDB rating of 8.7, I would really recommend you for this movie. Moreover, this movie has already won a lot of awards. This movie will run for 2h 8min.

This concludes the review of the Putlocker website. As a user of the website myself, I highly recommend placing the Putlocker website as your go-to place for free movies and television.