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For those of you who frequent free file sharing websites, or sites that offer free videos or files of any type, you will know that there are some big names which lead when it comes to freebies. Now this big files sharing website has started a streaming service. You can stream and watch any movie or tv show now without any problem. One of these big names is without a doubt Openload. In essence, Openload is a free file sharing website, which aims to offer a haven of free file uploading for everyone. So, if you have stuff to share on a widespread platform but you don’t know how or where to do so, this website is precisely the place to come to.

Like sites such as 4Shared, Openload offers you the opportunity to upload many different types of files. People from all over the world are on Openload and could thus download your files, which is great if you are trying to promote yourself creatively. For example, many people use Openload to present their music or their creative projects. With every downloaded file of yours, you can earn yourself some cash. Alternatively, you can choose to store your stuff on here for free. Basically, if you own large files that your computer can’t handle, you can place these files safely on Openload as storage. Ultimately, thousands of people are giving away their files for free on a regular basis through Openload, making it an online network of storage and sharing. Watch TV Shows.

Openload Movies – Free Movies Online

The following is a complete review of the Openload website ( I have highlighted every area of the site, pin-pointing all of the good things and the bad (if any) which should ultimately answer and burning questions you have regarding the site. That being said, let’s get started with the review.


Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

The short and simple answer to this question is, not necessarily. Without an account, you can upload a file from your computer onto the website for free, and let it wander online free for the choosing. On the other hand, with an account, you will be given a user panel in which you can manage all your uploads. To create an account, click sign up and enter your email address and choose a password. Registration will only take a few seconds and it’s completely free.

Can I Download Files?

Unfortunately, Openload is purely for uploading and sharing files. There are no options to download files from this site. If you really want to know how to download files from this site, you can find some tutorials online. However, such activity can be illegal, and therefore we do not advise it and it is entirely at your own discretion. If you would like to use a site which allows you to both upload and download files, we highly recommend using 4Shared ( This website offers you the choice to upload your files for sharing, and the downloading of other people’s files, all for free. Nevertheless, as for Openload, this website is designed solely for uploading files.

How Do I Upload Files?

To upload your files onto the website, you can do this within a few seconds. On the homepage, you will see an area which states “browse or drag and drop files”. Here, you have two options. If you would like to upload a file from your computer or device, click on this area and then select the file. On the other hand, you can drag and drop a file from your desktop or from another online platform. Either way, uploading the file will depend on the file size, and depending on whether or not you have an account, you can then manage your uploaded file. If you don’t have an account/you haven’t signed up, you will be given an Openload link which you can then share on a website. This is useful if you want a quick link for someone to view and download your file, like a song/mp3 file.


What Are the Best Features Regarding This Site?

The best thing about this website is the overall air of simplicity. There isn’t much to say about this website due to the fact that it is so very basic. But, if this weren’t the case and the website were complicated, uploading files would become a struggle. Thankfully, uploading via Openload is a pain-free process, taking only a matter of mere seconds.

In addition, Openload offers some other useful services. With this site, you can also conduct a speed test. This will determine how fast your internet speed is, thus stating how fast you can upload or download files. To find the speed test, scroll to the bottom of the homepage. Here, you will find ‘speedtest’ beneath the ‘services’ section. Furthermore, you will also find ‘API’ in the services section.

Are There Any Negative Things About the Site?

Many people may be disappointed when visiting this site, due to the expectancy of free file downloads. As stated, this website is purely for uploading files. Nevertheless, if you can see beyond this and if you are here for uploading only, you should not have any problems with the website. The overall simplicity of the site is a great attribute, and ultimately, I found no flaws with the website. So, if you are seeking a reliable website solely for uploading some files, you can’t go far wrong with Openload.


Closing Remarks

This concludes the review of the Openload website. If you enjoyed this review and you want to know more about similar websites, free downloads and more, please feel free to browse our other posts here on techwhack. We have several posts on file sharing sites and download sites. Furthermore, we also have more reviews on individual websites similar to Openload, such as 4Shared.